Sitting over in the window was Cordelia, holding Connor in her arms as she looked out into the dim garden. She was singing somewhat off-key under her breath as tears ran down her face until she was startled by the sound of Kieran walking in. With a gasp, she looked over.

"I'm...I'm sorry," he apologized. "I didn't realize that anyone would be in here. I'll go."

"''s all right. I was just...Connor woke up fussy, and he likes it down here, so..."

Kieran nodded as he crossed the room and sat down across from her in the window seat. "I can see why he would. There's something quite soothing about this room."

Cordy nodded as she swiped at her eyes.

"May I ask...what's wrong? Was it what happened earlier?"

Cordelia stared at Kieran for a moment. Though she had been around the vampire for a few months now, she still couldn't get over that someone such as him could actually be as he was without a soul or a curse or even a damn chip. He actually seemed to care.

But how long would it last? She thought Angel cared. Hell...she thought Angel had loved her.

How wrong she had been. After all they had been through together, he had still been hung up on Buffy.

They all turned back. She knew that now. Only Wesley and Fred, she knew she could trust, because they were different. They didn't have that demon inside them, making them betray people after getting them to trust in love them...

"I'd...I'd rather not talk about it," she finally said, her voice quiet and somewhat hoarse with buttoned-up emotion.

Kieran nodded, knowing somehow that he shouldn't pry. "Of course. Do you mind if I just sit here for a while with you then?"

She seemed to consider it for a moment, then nodded.

And so they did.