After finally getting Connor down to sleep in his bed, Cordelia walked through the connecting door in her own bedroom. As she crossed to pick up her pjs from the chair she had tossed them on that morning, she looked out the window and noticed Kieran walking back up the pathway from the launch. He didn't come into the house, though, instead veering off into the gardens. Cordelia stood there for a moment, then dropped the pjs back onto the chair, grabbed her cardigan from the bed and hurried down to the garden.

"Kieran?" she called out. There was no answer, but she could hear a slight movement -- one of the talents that came with her demon side was that she could hear vampire movement now. "Kieran, I know you're here."

"Over here," his voice responded, sounding somewhat sad...thoughtful.

Cordelia made her way over in the direction the voice came from and found Kieran sitting on the ground in one of the clearings of the labyrinth. His legs were crossed underneath him, and Cordelia suddenly had the feeling that she had interrupted a meditation or something.

"Hey...I saw you coming back up from the launch. You disappeared from the pizza place," she said as she sank down next to him. "Everything okay?"

"Just...just thinking about things. About the way fate seems to work. How life...or unlife...goes in directions you never intended." He looked up at the sky. "Thirty-five years ago, I thought my life was over, and so I chose a different path. I never imagined then that I'd be here like this."

"Tell me about it. Just seven years ago, I never thought I'd be a half-demon raising the son of two vampires as my own son." She shook her head. "I always wonder what's going to happen next. Am I going to go all glowy on Connor when he misbehaves and make him levitate or something?"

Kieran couldn't help but chuckle at the image that brought to mind. "You're a wonderful mother, Cordelia. A wonderful mother...a wonderful..."

They looked at each other, and Cordelia leaned in, unable to stop herself. Their lips brushed together lightly before the kiss deepened. Kieran's hand came up to tangle in her hair, which was now back to its original brown color and shoulder-length again. Cordelia almost lost herself in the kiss before realizing what she was doing. She couldn't...she couldn't let this happen. Not again. Not after what happened with Angel. She couldn't lose her heart to another vampire. She couldn't.

Breaking the kiss, she sat back, her head shaking. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry, Kieran. I can't...not now...I can't..."

Kieran moved his hand to cup her cheek, looking into her eyes. "It's all right, Cordy. That was really all I wanted. A kiss to remember you by."

She didn't understand what he meant. "I've...I've gotta go." Getting up, she hurried out of the labyrinth, not stopping until she was back in the house, leaning up against the wall, her hand over her heart. If she couldn't do this again, then why did it seem to hurt even worse than doing it?

"Hey, girl, you okay?"

Cordy opened her eyes to a welcome site standing before her. "Gunn!" She practically threw herself into his arms, giving him a hug. "Oh God, it's good to see you. Where have you been?"

"We've been down on the other side of the state. Found a reapers nest there and took it out."

It was then that Cordy noticed the bandage on his arm. "Gunn...!"

"I'm all right. Nyssa's gotten to be a hell of a first aider."

"Where is she anyway?" Cordy asked as they headed upstairs to Gunn's room so he could drop his pack off.

"Checking in with some of her contacts in town. She should be back in a bit."

Cordy nodded. She still couldn't get over the fact that they were housemates with the former princess of the Vampire Nation. "Did I mention that's it's good to see you?"

"Yeah...but it's nice to hear again."