"Where are we going?" Cordy asked as Kieran led her out of the room and through the house. "Everyone's still back there with the dogs."

"I wanted to do this in private," he told her, taking her into the conservatory. They walked over to the window seat, where Kieran had her sit down while he stood in front of her. "Um...Cordelia, it's been a long time since I've done anything like this. Hell, I never even thought I'd consider anything like this again."

Cordelia looked up at him, wishing that her ability to get visions gave her the ability to understand what people meant sometimes. "Kieran?"

"Let me get this out. The thing is...I'm a vampire--."

"Really?" she broke in. "Cause I didn't really get that with the whole teeth and drinking blood thing."

Even though she was just teasing, he shot her a rather pained look, so she clapped her mouth shut and indicated he should continue. "Anyway...I know that me being a vampire...that's really not...well...oh bullocks, this isn't coming out right at all."

"Kieran...don't try to make it sound right. Just say it," she told him.

"All right. Cordelia," he said, kneeling down in front of her and taking her hand. "I love you. I never thought I'd be capable of loving anyone again, but being a family with my son and knowing you has changed all that. So..." He pulled out a box and held it up to her. "If you don't mind the idea of having a vampire for a husband...will you marry me?"

Cordelia gasped as he opened the box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring, a diamond with several smaller emeralds surrounding it. She looked from the ring up to his face, their eyes locking for several moments. "Really? You really want me to marry you?" She had never imagined this moment would ever happen in her life. Not after what had happened in her past relationships, especially in her one with Angel. When Kieran nodded, she threw himself into his arms.


"Really?" She nodded and held her hand out for him to slip the ring on her finger.

"I know one person who's going to be very happy about this," she told him.

"Connor," they said together and laughed.

"Let's go tell him first," she said.

"Indeed. But first..."

Pulling her up, Kieran wrapped his arms around Cordelia and kissed her deeply.